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1 September
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Hi,My name is Angelica adn i'm 12 years old and i go to Hoover Middle school in SF.I'm a very exciding person adn i like jokes and i never take anything serioulsy, i mean like if u say "Your weird" i wouldnt get all mad, lol.Well thats pretty much it.Oh wait! How could i forget to tell you guys about my friends! They are: Kathleen, She's my bestest friend in the whole universe and she has an LJ too so make sure to check it out! Then there is Shirley, unfortunutley she doesnt have an LJ but she has an Xanga, she is very sweet,nice and funny! And last but not least Sarah, has a nice personality, is a great athlete but really picky at times!Whelp, Now Thats all! Bye! And make sure to visit my LJ!

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